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The Diabetic Foot: Services


It is important to care for the diabetic foot.

If diabetes has caused you to suffer from foot problems, you need to seek professional care.

We specialize in diabetic foot care and treatment of painful neuropathy.

Diabetic Complications:

Diabetes is a common, serious disease with multiple significant complications such as:

- Blindness

- Stroke

- Heart and kidney disease

- Poor circulation and neuropathy, which can lead to amputation

Managing diabetes, maintaining a healthy lifestyle including a proper diet, avoiding nicotine, and daily exercise is key.

Treating the Diabetic foot:

- Routine care

- Diabetic callus/ulcers

- Diabetic infections

- Fungal nails/skin

- Diabetic nerve pain

- Diabetic shoes/inserts

The Diabetic Foot: Services
The Diabetic Foot: Services
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