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Do you have heel pain, ingrown, thick nails, dry skin or diabetic foot pain?

We can help.  We provide non-surgical foot care.  Contact us today for a consultation and foot exam.

In addition to comprehensive foot care, Dr. Rassool specializes in diabetic foot care and neuropathy. 

We take great pride in treating our patients like family and providing the best foot care possible.

Don't let foot pain slow you down! We can help you with your foot concerns or pain to get you back on track.

Early treatment is key. Don't ignore your feet.  Foot pain or any changes to the skin and nails can be a sign of disease or injury that may need care.  Early detection and treatment may be the key to healthy feet and an active life style.


1209 Independence Blvd. Suite 109, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Phone: (757) 490-1226

Fax: (757) 473-3822

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